LAGIRL Mixing Pigment PRO Color Foundation

LAGIRL Mixing Pigment PRO Color Foundation

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Why is it so hard to find that perfect foundation match? Well, now your foundation has met its match. Introducing the PRO.color Foundation Mixing Pigment.

4 pigments adjust the color of your foundation to give you an exact match that’s as unique as you. The White, Blue and Orange are formulated with the same soft matte finish as the PRO.matte Foundation to ensure consistency in the formula.

The blue has a translucent, gel-like texture to keep it easy to work with, so your foundation looks like you, and not blue. Let’s get mixing!


  • Customize your foundation shade to match you
  • Shift undertones warmer & cooler
  • White, yellow & orange have a soft matte finish
  • Blue mixing pigment as a translucent, gel formula
  • Cruelty-free, paraben-free & vegan


  • White – lightens your foundation, perfect for adjusting your summer color to match your winter tone.
  • Yellow – gives your foundation a golden undertone.
  • Orange – shifts foundation to a warmer undertone, ideal for medium to dark foundations.
  • Blue - Neutralizes foundation. If your foundation is too warm or orange looking, add a little blue to bring it back to a neutral undertone.

Tip: add blue mixer to a yellow undertone foundation to create an olive undertone.

Tip: Use the white mixer as a white foundation for an artistic or Halloween makeup look.

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